remove http client support from TODO list

mark gotd http-notifications todo item as done

remove outdated TOOD item and tweak test accordingly The default deny policy is working as expected according to newly added regression test. Tweak this test to use an implicit read-only rule, rather than an explicit one, as stated in the TODO item.

add a utf8 todo item

update gotd TODO list; email notifications have been implemented

remove gotwebd todo entries that are done

remove 'bind interface removal' TODO item

gotwebd TODO: category grouping support

TODO: gotwebd should reply with 404 on some kind of errors

remove 'got merge -M' todo item

Implement fast-forward merges. Split part of got_worktree_merge_prepare into a new function, got_worktree_merge_write_refs, since that part doesn't make sense in the fast-forward case. ok stsp@

remove items done in gotwebd and gotadmin

add a gotd todo item

trim trailing whitespace in TODO file

update TODO list

merge TODO wording tweak: 'got rebase' says "forwarding", not "fast-forwarding"

fix bad wording used in previous commit

add a TODO item for 'got merge' based on IRC discussion with James Cook

add a TODO item for gotadmin pack command


add a TODO item regarding missing client-side pack content verification

yet another gotwebd TODO writing everything down to avoid forgetting stuff...

one more TODO for gotwebd

add a few TODOs for got patch and gotwebd

remove cherrypick/backout -l feature from TODO; has been implemented by jamsek