make diff_atom_hash_update private to diff_atomize_text.c ok stsp@

reuse diff_atom_hash_update ok stsp@

less chatty regress ok stsp@

regress: look for the diff prog also inside obj/ ok stsp@

adjust the expected output so that regress passes again Note that test015 is still broken on OpenBSD with base patch(1). ok stsp@

ARRAY_LIST allocation optimisation Rather than realloc in fixed-sized blocks, use the 1.5 * allocated scheme when growing the array. This produces fewer allocations and up to 3x speedup on large diffs. ok stsp@

fix accounting for line endings in CRLF files There are two different subtles error in computing the end of line in diff_data_atomize_text_lines (one in per implementation, _fd and _mmap) that causes the '\n' of the '\r\n' case to be left out the current line. It causes strange bugs when diffing CRLF files, such as printing the "\ No newline at end of file" marker very often and showing the wrong offsets in the hunk headers. ok stsp@

add missing line offset information for unidiff output We forgot to generate line offset information for lines of the form: "Binary files %s and %s differ" Which is causing scrolling problems in tog's diff view. ok thomas_adam

fix a size_t multiplication overflow in diff_meyrs.c Found on an OpenBSD armv7 machine running Got regression tests: test_status_shows_no_mods_after_complete_merge Segmentation fault (core dumped) The problematic multiplication is kd_len * kd_len in diff_algo_myers() with kd_len set to 65537. (gdb) p (int)(65537 * 65537) $64 = 131073 (gdb) p (int)(65537 + 65537) $65 = 131074 (gdb) p (unsigned int)(size_t)(-1) $68 = 4294967295 (gdb) p (4294967295 / kd_len) $71 = 65535 Detect such overflow and run the fallback diff algorithm instead.

fix ed script diff output when lines are inserted at the top of a file

avoid writing just one character at a time in diff_output_lines() With input from ori@ and millert@

fix performance issues in the search for function prototypes with + ok naddy

patience: do not swallow identical neighbors This does not make much sense, because if common-unique lines swallow their neighboring ones, they count less, and another bad, shorter sequence may gain more weight than a very long sequence that was combined to just one common-unique chunk. It also much simplifies the code and avoids bugs we had to implement complex fixes for before.

set diff box recursion limit to UINT_MAX by default In practice, recursion is already limited by our Myers max-effort cut and this heuristic should generally provide a better split than a limit on the number of diff boxes. A recursion limit is only required for diff configs that do not include the Myers algorithm, which we currently don't have. Discussed with Neels

set a minimum myers effort limit to avoid an early short-cut on small files discussed with Neels

allow for telling the difference between empty and non-existent files Adjust labels used in diff output accordingly; non-existent files should have the label "/dev/null"

handle binary files like diff(1) does; new -a option forces text

expose struct diff_atom in public API for external atomizer implementations

add a missing include for uint8_t and switch from <inttypes.h> to <stdint.h> ok millert stsp

fix patience diff assertion failure exposed by test122

add a test case which triggers an assertion in diff -P

add another test case where a context line appears as both - and + This line appears as a context line with regular diff(1) and git diff: crd->crd_key = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_key[0]; [[[ + crd->crd_alg = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_alg; + crd->crd_klen = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_klen; crd->crd_key = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_key[0]; - bcopy(&blk, crd->crd_iv, sizeof(blk)); + memcpy(crd->crd_iv, &blkno, sizeof(blkno)); ]]] Our diff produces a different result where this context line is both deleted and added: [[[ - crd->crd_alg = CRYPTO_AES_XTS; + crd->crd_alg = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_alg; + crd->crd_klen = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_klen; + crd->crd_key = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_key[0]; + memcpy(crd->crd_iv, &blkno, sizeof(blkno)); + } - switch (sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_meta->scm_alg) { - case SR_CRYPTOA_AES_XTS_128: - crd->crd_klen = 256; - break; - case SR_CRYPTOA_AES_XTS_256: - crd->crd_klen = 512; - break; - default: - goto unwind; - } - crd->crd_key = sd->mds.mdd_crypto.scr_key[0]; - bcopy(&blk, crd->crd_iv, sizeof(blk)); - } - crwu->cr_wu = wu; - crwu->cr_crp->crp_opaque = crwu; - return (crwu); ]]]

add some API functions which allow access to opaque struct diff_chunk

fix patience: off-by-one preventing swallow the same identical line twice

results_test: fix output: print atom indexes, not file pos