CHANGES for 0.97

add an xfail test for a case where rebase fails to forward a branch Because 'got rebase' only does a first-parent traversal it will try to rebase commits which appear in the history of a branch, even when the branch to be rebased is already based on that history. This results in spurious merge conflicts as existing changes get re-applied. The desired behaviour would be that 'got rebase' forwards the branch, as it does when the 'got merge -M' command used by this test case is replaced by a simple 'got merge' which avoids creating a merge commit. Problem reported by naddy in the "Landry's firefox repository" thread:

add a test which checks what happens when rebasing onto a merge commit

add a test which checks what happens when a merge commit is rebased

adjust min_datalen in a few places Fix the computation of min_datalen that was forgotten in 8f137979fc5e284a136cf8950e8b3895d7ea208b. got_privsep_recv_imsg() already takes care of converting GOT_IMSG_ERROR to errors, so just how we didn't need to call recv_imsg_error() at all, we don't need to include it in the requested min_datalen.

swap the order of the checks to not hide an error If a libexec process returns an GOT_IMSG_ERROR that happens to be smaller than the requested min_datalen, got_privsep_recv_imsg() returns GOT_IMSG_PRIVSEP_LEN hiding the original error. ok stsp@

attempt to speed up the deltification for big files The current hash table perform poorly on big files due to a small resize step that pushes the table to its limits continuously. Instead, to have both a better performing hash table and keep the memory consumption low, save the blocks in an array and use the hash table as index. Then, use a more generous resizing scheme that guarantees the good properties of the hash table. To avoid having to rebuild the table when the array is resized, save the indexes in the table, and to further reduce the memory consumption use 32 bit indices. On amd64 this means that each slot is 4 bytes instead of 8 for a pointer or 24 for a struct got_deltify_block. ok stsp@

fix invalid imsg_free() in got_privsep_recv_printed_commits() Depending on the error got_privsep_recv_imsg() may leave imsg un-initialized, so change it to always free the imsg on error if needed, so callers don't have to. got_privsep_recv_printed_commits() and got-read-patch were the only places where we could end up calling imsg_free() on uninitialized imsg, fix them. ok stsp@

improve execv error message spotted using -portable on a system without openssh installed. Showing the program we've failed to exec can be handy. ok stsp@

bump version number

CHANGES for 0.96

never write accum_buf on error in got_pack_dump_delta_chain_to_file() and also avoid to override `err' if fwrite fails. ok millert, stsp

fix use of uninitialized variable in update_blob spotted by smatch. ok millert@

plug memory leak in got_pack_dump_delta_chain_to_file() found by smatch. ok stsp@


pass the argument to calloc in the right order; no-op in practice reported by smatch.

fix logging during gotwebd shutdown During `rcctl stop gotwebd' the sockets process gets a SIGTERM and dies, and this makes the parent process assume it exited abnormally. Instead, catch SIGINT and SIGTERM and exit gracefully. Issue reported by xs on IRC. ok jamsek

gotwebd: fix colour of target lines in dark mode reported by xs on IRC, thanks!

Test log -b <path> traversing a merge commit. This tests for the bug fixed by c8255edc. ok stsp@

handle merge commits that are unrelated to requested changed path history Problem found and fix tested by James Cook.

plug some fd leaks in the fdopen{,dir} error paths There's also a memory leak fixed. ok stsp@

style: no-op change in practice change so it matches the style used in the rest of the tree. ok stsp

remove stray abort() call; ok stsp

remove unneded wbuf->fd = -1 There's no need to set the fd to -1 on ibufs created with imsg_create(3), and it was probably never needed.

convert to use imsg_get_fd() While here also fix a fd leak in got-read-pack. We were dup'ing imsg.fd without closing imsg.fd later; instead just use imsg_get_fd() to extract the file descriptor. Tested by falsifian and Kyle Ackerman, thanks! 'go ahead' stsp@