CHANGES for 0.95

plug memleak of the ignore list in 'got status' Found/reported and patch by Kyle Ackerman. ok op@

gotwebd: use 'more' for the tag listing too prodded by stsp and jamsek; ok stsp@

gotwebd: dedup the bulk of the tree listing code

gotwebd: tweak site_owner_wrapper style for dark mode

gotwebd: render less tags in the summary page suggested / ok stsp

plug a memleak in previous; from op@

show tree and README at the bottom of the summary page ok op@

gotwebd: swap the tags and branch listing in the index page discussed / ok stsp@

repair the "chroot" option in /etc/gotwebd.conf This option was being ignored since the proc.c refactoring. Problem noticed by mlarkin@ ok op@ mlarkin@

gotwebd: render READMEs in the tree view ok tracey@

template: provide tp_write_htmlescape() it's like tp_htmlescape() but takes a size instead of a NUL-terminated string. Part of a larger diff that's ok tracey@

gotwebd: tweak hr styling in the dark mode Kyle Ackerman agrees

make diff color-highlighting in gotwebd's dark-mode more accessible A red/green color scheme is bad for people with red/green colorblindness. Use similar colors as used by 'tog diff' to avoid this issue. Patch by Kyle Ackerman ok op@

plug pathlist leak in 'got status' code path Patch by Kyle Ackerman.

typo (s/occured/occurred) fix from Ryan Kavanagh via tobhe@

gotwebd: use breadcumbs in more actions Breadcumbs are useful not only in the TREE and BLOB action, but also in COMMITS/BRIEFS and BLOB. prodded by stsp@

plug got checkout and update worktree leaks spotted by op@

plug got status worktree leak found by Kyle Ackerman; ok op@

remove gotwebd todo entries that are done

gotwebd: add actions in the diff view too

gotwebd: add patch action to serve diffs in plain text ok tracey@

gotwebd: make blame view work in text browsers While here pad line numbers with spaces instead of zeroes to match the blob view.

gotwebd: add actions to the blame view ok tracey@

gotwebd: add links for actions in the blob page positive feedback from Kyle Ackerman ok/tweak tracey@