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changes for 0.88

gotwebd: fix logic error and skip again some entries in the index logic error introduced in df2d3cd25 ok stsp@

cache delta base fulltexts when dumping a delta chain to a file

do not forget to flush after writing a cached fulltext to a temporary file Fixes the following error during gotadmin pack -a: gotadmin: raw object has unexpected size

really store the fulltext of delta-base objects in fulltext cache

style tweaks from jamsek

cache fulltext data in delta cache to improve speed with long delta chains ok jamsek

when finding changed paths iterate tree entries in on-disk order for speed ok op, jamsek

tog regress: TAB instruction + test for diff J keymap Add the TAB instruction to the test harness, and a test case for the previous commit: scroll down the log from the diff view with the J keymap when on the last loaded commit. ok stsp@

tog: resize log view if toggling fullscreen from child view We call resize_log_view() when toggling 'F'ullscreen from the log view, but forgot to do this when toggling fullscreen from a child view if its parent is the log view. This fixes a bug that prevents scrolling down the log view from the diff view with the J keymap if already on the last loaded commit. Regress test in the following commit. ok stsp@

tog: mark HSPLIT_SCALE as float; unbreak regress on i386 On i386 view_split_begin_y() computed a value slightly different than on other arches, breaking the regress. Casting HSPLIT_SCALE as float unbreaks it. Diff from jamsek, committing on his behalf. Thanks!

tog: open screendump file early during regress we can't open arbitrary files after unveil(), and that's a feature! So, open it early and truncate it before use just in case screendump() ends up being called more than once. ok/tweak stsp, ok jamsek

tog: don't check whether stdin is a tty during regress ok stsp, jamsek

tog: don't open /dev/tty during regress as it might not be there (for e.g. if ran under cron). Reuse instead /dev/null since it's not expected to get input from stdin. ok jamsek

fix typo in gotd debug messages: receving -> receiving

run the tog tests as part of the default regress set ok and README update by jamsek

tog: always use alternate charset for vertical/horizontal line ncurses(3) will use the line drawing characters from the VT100 alternate graphics character set if the terminal supports this as indicated by termcap/terminfo, otherwise it will fall back to ASCII replacement characters. ok jamsek stsp

document the path where gitwrapper looks for Git binaries

point to gitwrapper.1 from gotsh.1 manual page

fix documentation of got's reserved reference namespace

tog: teach test harness to count and basic tree tests Add count instruction to the test harness to simulate count modifier compound keys (e.g., 11j), and add basic tests for the tree view. ok stsp@

tog regress: zap needless defines and use "vt220" TERM Also, overwrite - and | unconditionally when capturing screen dumps, and unset TOG_COLORS and TOG_DIFF_ALGORITHM in regress setup. All tweaks suggested by naddy@ ok stsp@

tog regress: use pthread conditions for wait instruction As suggested by stsp, rather than busy wait in the view loop, use pthread conditions to wait for the blame thread to signal completion before drawing the screen. We can add more conditions for other views when needed, but by keeping the general WAIT_FOR_UI instruction and flag, this should make their use context-dependent so we won't need more test harness WAIT_* instructions. ok stsp@

bump version number