CHANGES for 0.92

sync files from diff.git dc306c6bd88271ab911e205539974da98be82d17 This restores the traditional diff -p behaviour in Got.

prevent overlapping repo and work tree in 'got checkout' Some people are eager to try to make Got work just like Git by overlaying the repository and work tree. This causes problems with unveil conflicts at run-time. Fail as early as possible during 'got checkout' when users attempt this. cosmetic tweaks + ok op@

add a test case which removes a missing locally-added file Based on a patch by gonzalo@ ok op@

fix deletion of missing locally-added files If a locally added file in A status gets deleted from disk it will move into missing ! status. If the user then decides to delete the file we must remove the file index entry immediately rather than flagging the file for removal during the next commit operation. The file was never committed and lacks a base-blob and base-commit, so it cannot be removed during the next commit. As a result the commit operation was reporting a bogus "out of date" error. Found while diagnosing a related bug reported by gonzalo@ ok op@

prevent a double-free in got_worktree_commit If creating the /tmp display diff for a commitable item failed we would free the commitable item while it was already on the path list. Later on when the path list was freed in got_worktree_commit() a double-free would be detected and the program would be aborted. Found by gonzalo@ ok op@

make gotd flush pending messages before disconnecting the client upon success This prevents gotd from closing the client connection before ref-update status reports have been sent. Seen while testing gotd on Linux, though I see no obvious reason why this race would not trigger on OpenBSD.

plug line_offsets leak in tog blame view; ok op@

tog: don't show the base commit marker in limit view The limit commit queue is invariably filled with different commits to the queue containing all commits, so the index of the work tree's base commit in the real queue corresponds to a different commit in the limit queue. As such, the marker is drawn on an incorrect commit. Rather than fix this to draw the marker on the correct commit if it happens to be in the limit queue, don't draw the marker at all in limit view. As pointed out by Mikhail on the list, this information is not wanted in the limit view. Patch and report by Mikhail.

gotsh: do not set POLLOUT flag when there is no data to send Prevent an endless polling loop on Linux where POLLOUT and POLLHUP can both be reported via pollfd revents.

don't include sys/cdefs.h "thou shalt not include sys/cdefs.h because it is not standardized", and in this case is not really needed either.

document that the log -d option implies log -P We did consider making -d and -P options conflict but doing so would not be very helpful. Instead, document -d as a superset of -P. ok op, jamsek

undo unrelated man page change from 1050403b806ca85666ad4b6a9e83953fdbb5298a

gotwebd: fix branches modification time with show_repo_age off If show_repo_age is set to off, got_get_repo_age() returns without setting the timestamp. got_get_repo_age() is also used by the branch listing to show how old they are however, and we end up rendering the stack garbage. Instead, respect `show_repo_age off' one layer above, and always return a timestamp in got_get_repo_age(). While here, initialize the timestamp to zero so it's set also in case of failures. Issue reported on IRC by xs, thanks!

tog: fix log view search infinite loop When the current matched and selected entry is the last loaded commit, we keep looping the same code path because search_entry is always NULL. Before poking the log thread for more commits, set search_entry to the currently selected commit, which is where the search resumes. Patch by Mikhail

gotd: stop logging "unexpected end of file" when a client decides to disconnect

got: regress for log -x keyword and log -dPp combinations Plus multiple copypasta fixes where I was cmp(1)ing stdout instead of stderr! Fortunately, we were doing the right thing despite not checking it properly. The log -dPp test is from op@. ok + tweaks op@

fix 'got log -dPp' diffstat duplication bug Only collect changed paths once if both -d and -P are specified; we already checked for -d and -p. Reported by Lucas on IRC. Regress for this and the previous (got log -x keyword) commit still due. ok stsp@ and op@

got: allow 'got log -x' to accept keywords Suggested by Lucas on IRC. ok stsp@ and op@

bump the deltify table resize step By incrementing the resize step from 64 to 256 deltifying takes less time on modestly sized files; the resize is still a small number instead of a fraction of the current table size (which would be more usual for a hash table) since this code is also used in gotd. ok stsp

use INT32_MAX rather than INT_MAX for GOT_FILEIDX_MAX_ENTRIES it's a different way to spell the same number, but it's more evocative since the on-disk format is 32 bits wide. ok stsp

speed up read_fileindex_path() Use a local buffer instead of calling reallocarray() every 8 bytes; the speed up is measurable. The downside is that we're now limited to paths long at most PATH_MAX bytes, but since this is the fileindex it's not an issue in practice. ok jamsek stsp

zap unused got_commit_object var; ok op@

allow modified files to be deleted during merges if content exists in the repo This makes histedit folding work when a file is modified by commit A and then deleted in commit B, with A being folded into B. Problem reported by naddy@

fix occasional test failure in test_log_show_base_commit Patch by jamsek with a request to commit. Thanks!