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CHANGES for 0.76

sync files from diff.git 1edd9c2b609adfa7ed93dbd839b7d683e695feaa Brings in improved accuracy of function prototypes in hunk headers.

update test_unstage_patch_added expected diff output, new files show mode now

backout Make & command in tog's log view display "searching..." The limit feature is more than just a search operation, tog's man page has been updated accordingly.

document caveat when configuring gotwebd to listen on a network interface

remove tog limit feature from TODO list

tweak view name display in the help screen for clarity

improve documentation of the tog limit feature, previous doc was misleading

Make & command in tog's log view display "searching..." while loading commits. This command acts like a search operation, and the display should reflect that.

show file mode for new added files in work tree diffs Make work tree diffs of local changes on disk display the file mode of new added files like other versions of `got diff` currently do. ok stsp@

gotwebd: drop needless NULL check We can assume that the querystring was initialized when we reach gotweb_render_header. ok tracey@

ensure got patch respects x-bit perms for new files Reported by stsp on IRC: got patch failed to set the x-bit for a new file despite got diff recording mode 755. Parse got and git diffs for this data and set file modes accordingly. Tweaked with hint from op. ok stsp@

add regression test which covers fast-forward rebase + path-prefix

add gotadmin init -b <branch> to specify repo head ref Similar to `git init -b`. Includes a change to `got import` behaviour such that "main" is no longer hardcoded by default; instead, we import to the branch resolved via the repository's HEAD reference unless `got import -b` is used, and only if HEAD cannot be resolved to a branch do we fallback to "main". includes fix plus ok from stsp@

fix indentation; from jamsek

make exiting tog's help screen easier for new users ok jamsek

tog: open help in fullscreen irrespective of view configuration Prompted by a suggestion from stsp to make the help view distinct rather than follow the default behaviour of established views. Occupying the fullscreen seems to be a somewhat established convention for TUI apps. ok stsp@

drop unconventional got_object_commit_dup() routine Replace with got_object_commit_retain() to increment commit object reference counter. suggested by and ok stsp@

tog: don't embed utf8 glyphs into tog.c source code Reported by stsp: Embedded utf8 precludes developers running C locales from browsing the code. Fix was suggested by stsp with hints from the tmux(1) codebase. ok stsp@

tog: refactor search setup into tog_view function pointers Suggested by stsp. While here, add declarations for new help view routines. ok stsp@

tog: implement runtime help accessible via H,F1 keymaps Original idea inspired from discussion with tb, tobhe, and stsp at g2k22: display view-specific help, with option to toggle display of full key map reference when {H,F1} is pressed again inside the help view. Includes improvements suggested by stsp. ok stsp@

gotwebd.conf.5: fix double `the'

tog: respect current cursor position during log search ok op@

tog: add new log view limit feature to filter commits Use the & key map to enter a pattern with which to limit the displayed commits to those matching the provided pattern; similar to less(1) and mutt's limit feature. Includes various tweaks from op. ok plus fixes from op@